tokyo lovelight

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2/?? exo graphics based on mandopop songs

"i glance at the road

and the entrance to dreams is a little narrow but meeting you is the most beautiful surprise"

- 遇見 by 孫燕姿 [x]

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Concept!AU (Mama/Wolf/Overdose)
Name: Luhan
Alias Name: Lu Han
Power: Telekinesis // Object Regeneration
Residing: Seoul, South Korea
Counterpart: Kai (Kim Jongin)
Level: 9 // First Level
Role: Weapon Regenerator/Creator // Fighter
Specialise: Hand to Hand Combat
Likes: Sehun // Football // Creating New Weapons

1/500 pictures of exo

luhan’s attempt at being cool

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A happy deer prince ( ・∀・)っ

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